PowerFlex Unveils Its Comprehensive Software and Hardware Platform, PowerFlex X, to Manage All Onsite Energy Assets

PowerFlex X includes a full suite of products — Nexus, Axcess, Cortex, and Exact — that work together to control, monitor, and optimize a client’s onsite solar, battery storage, and EV charging systems

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables Company, today announced the unveiling of its PowerFlex X product platform, which provides real-time monitoring and intelligent control of onsite energy assets with patented software and hardware. PowerFlex X enables organizations and enterprises to integrate and co-optimize multiple technologies — including solar, battery storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and microgrid systems — to reduce energy costs and increase resiliency.

PowerFlex X consists of four products that seamlessly work together to help clients manage their onsite energy portfolio: Cortex is the intelligent system of algorithms, including Adaptive Load Management of EV charging, that enables the continuous monitoring and optimization of all energy asset operations; Nexus is the hardware that connects the onsite systems to the central platform; Exact is the modeling tool that forecasts the system’s impact on utility bills and carbon emission reductions; and Axcess is the single sign-in portal that allows customers to view their distributed energy resources all in one place. With PowerFlex X, customers gain a holistic view of their onsite energy assets with unprecedented transparency and ease of reporting.

“With the rapid increase in renewable energy and EV adoption, we recognized the need to bring intelligent solutions to our customers who are moving to onsite renewables and electric transportation,” said Raphael Declercq, CEO, PowerFlex. “We created PowerFlex X to optimize integrated energy solutions on the sites of our commercial customers and also to lessen the impact on the electricity grid. With PowerFlex X, we support the swift transition to clean energy with a suite of products that make our projects more sustainable and cost-competitive.”

As a single, full-service provider, PowerFlex delivers scalable onsite solutions to accelerate the decarbonization of energy sources. The company is part of EDF Renewables, a market leading independent power producer and service provider with 35 years of expertise in renewable energy. In 2017, the company began offering commercial EV charging solutions, leveraging its proprietary Adaptive Load Management (ALM) software, developed by a Caltech research group to optimize power consumption across a large network of charging stations. PowerFlex later consolidated with EnterSolar, a leading commercial solar developer, in 2021 to broaden its onsite solar offerings. As an experienced project developer, the company has now expanded its software and hardware development to bring a comprehensive energy management platform, PowerFlex X.

About PowerFlex:

PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables company, is a leading national provider of intelligent onsite energy solutions that support carbon-free electrification and transportation. The Company delivers integrated solar, storage, EV charging, and microgrid systems to businesses and organizations. As a single full-service provider, PowerFlex customizes clean technology solutions to help clients achieve their energy and sustainability goals. Through the comprehensive PowerFlex X platform, PowerFlex leverages patented smart software to control, monitor, and optimize a client’s distributed energy resources to reduce cost and maximize return on investment. For more information, visit www.powerflex.com. Connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.


Emily Lau | PowerFlex | press@powerflex.com