Reforestation project spearheaded by Repsol Foundation

The President of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, and Repsol and Repsol Foundation Chairman, Antonio Brufau, have signed an agreement this morning in Oviedo to boost the Green Engine project in this autonomous community.

In Asturias, 3,500 hectares of barren lands or those affected by fires will be reforested in different municipalities over the next three years. The new forests will absorb 1.1 million tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere and, thanks to Green Engine, the companies and institutions that join the project will be able to offset their emissions. A total investment of €17.5 million is due to be allocated to this project, of which €16.3 million corresponds to forests and forestry infrastructures.

The reforestation works will commence this fall in the southwestern part of Asturias with the planting of approximately 180,000 native species across 200 hectares in the municipality of Grandas de Salime, which was ravaged by two fires in 2017. The aim is to reforest 460 hectares in the coming years and continue rolling out the projects in new areas throughout Asturias.

The reforestation driven by Green Engine will not only allow for a recovery of native forest, but will also protect the damaged land, improving biodiversity and guaranteeing resilience in the long term.

The project is already up and running in Extremadura, with the support of Junta de Extremadura, Banco Santander, the Tierra Pura Foundation, Enagás, and Ilunion, and is expected to soon be extended to new autonomous communities, with the collaboration of both the Public Administration as well as other private entities and companies.

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