Repsol acquires 100% of Klikin

Repsol has acquired 100% of Klikin, the startup founded by entrepreneur Gustavo García Brusilovsky, which has driven Waylet to emerge as a payment and loyalty app with more than two million users. Repsol and Klikin have worked together for more than three years since the multi-energy company acquired 70% of the startup at the end of 2017, seeking innovative ways to drive its digital businesses, specifically Waylet, through a different relationship and management model.

As of today, Repsol has acquired the remaining 30%, which had been held by the founding partners.

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This transaction is part of Repsol’s digital customer growth strategy, as outlined in the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, and will consolidate Waylet as the leading mobility payment app in Spain.

Following the acquisition, Repsol will seek a strategic partner to manage the other line that Klikin was promoting – a digital ordering, booking, payment, and loyalty platform for businesses, especially in the food and drink industry, which has experienced a strong growth in 2020 with a stream of important customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated the digitization process in all sectors, mainly in the food and drink industry, and Klikin’s digital ordering platform is a quick solution for businesses to digitalize their operations in a very short time and with no upfront investment.

Waylet is a key asset in the strategy of Repsol’s new Client business and in the growth of its digital users.

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