Satori Capital Announces Launch of Energy Transition Fund

DALLAS & FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Satori Capital, a multi-strategy investment firm, announced today the launch of Satori Environmental, a long/short equity strategy that primarily invests in securities impacted by the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems to renewable sources.

Satori Environmental actively manages a diversified portfolio of long and short positions intended to capitalize on the complex and dynamic forces driving the global energy transition.

“The transformation taking place in the energy sector is creating a wealth of opportunities, both long and short, for generating returns,” said Satori managing partner James Haddaway. “We believe capital markets are truly awakening to the tremendous long-term fundamentals for sustainable energy, and we feel very fortunate to be partnering with an expert who has the knowledge and experience to capitalize on breakout winners and losers in this sector.”

Satori Environmental is led by chief investment officer Paul Strigler, an 18-year veteran of the industry with highly specialized knowledge and relationships. Strigler has been exclusively focused on renewables and various sub-sectors since their public markets debut, and he has nurtured deep sector expertise and relationships with influential leaders in virtually every part of the industry. In June 2009, he helped launch what would become the longest-tenured renewables-dedicated hedge fund in the world. Over his 12-year tenure, that fund delivered strong, industry-leading absolute returns and significantly outperformed sector benchmarks.

“As far as we can ascertain, Paul Strigler’s longevity in this sector is unmatched,” said Haddaway. “As he likes to put it, he’s been doing this since it was just him and a couple of guys in Birkenstocks walking conference floors. Paul’s focus, experience, and expertise are key differentiators in this complex sector, a space where many investors who have dabbled in it have failed to generate strong returns. Paul has tracked, studied, and invested in this sector since before most investors knew it existed.”

Satori Environmental’s actively managed, long/short strategy is designed to strategically capitalize on the most important megatrends in the energy transition landscape. Its portfolio of long, medium, and short-term investments is diversified across a universe of more than 280 publicly traded companies comprising approximately $2.4 trillion of market capitalization.

Strigler partnered with Satori to launch Satori Environmental after years of mutual acquaintance. Through the partnership, Satori – a well-established firm with more than $1.25 billion in assets under management and a substantial team of professionals – efficiently manages all non-investment-related activities so that Strigler can focus exclusively on the investment portfolio.

“I am thrilled to join the Satori team and turn a valued long-term relationship into a true partnership,” Strigler said. “Satori’s uncompromising values, operational excellence, and commitment to the strategy align perfectly with the strong foundation I have built over the past 18 years. In a sector often inhabited by transient players and short-term tourists, I look forward to spending the remainder of my career capitalizing on the energy transition in a partnership built to endure.”

About Satori Capital

Satori Capital is a Texas-based multi-strategy investment firm founded upon the principles of conscious capitalism. Satori’s private equity business partners with leadership teams of companies with $5 million to $50 million of EBITDA that operate with a long-term perspective, commit to their mission or purpose, and create value for all stakeholders. Satori’s alternatives investment platform, Satori Alpha, creates and manages customized portfolios designed to meet the unique objectives of sophisticated private investors, family offices, and institutions. Through its Satori XL Partnership Program, Satori partners with managers that it believes are highly skilled at generating sustainable alpha and would benefit from Satori’s experience, relationships, and resources, all in support of building thriving and enduring businesses. For additional information, please visit


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