Saudi and UAE clash over oil and strategy

At OPEC, the UAE opposes production quotas negotiated between Russia and Saudi Arabia and wants to be able to produce 3.8 million billion barrels a day vs 3.2 million as apportioned by the oil cartel.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor the UAE appear ready to back down.

Gulf watchers say the disputes over oil production and Yemen were manageable. But it was mostly likely the change in power in Washington that brought the dispute between the two countries into plain public view.

Both countries enjoyed privileged access to the administration of Donald Trump, who apparently admired the Gulf monarchies’ glitz, conspicuous consumption and autocratic ways. Their main conduit was Jared Kushner, Mr Trump’s son-in-law, who brokered the Abraham accords normalising relations between the UAE and Israel, an agreement which upstaged Saudi and likely led to tensions.

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