SCE Quadruples Rebate Offer for Pre-Owned EVs

Income-qualified residential customers can receive $4,000 to lease or purchase an electric car.

ROSEMEAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Southern California Edison announced today that it is offering a $4,000 rebate to income-qualified customers who buy or lease pre-owned electric vehicles.

SCE has been offering a $1,000 rebate through its Pre-Owned EV Rebate program to residential customers who purchase or lease a used EV. But the electric company has now quadrupled the rebate amount for those who either live in a state-designated, income-qualified household or who are enrolled in certain state or federal income assistance programs.

“We want the benefits of clean transportation to be available to all our customers, including those who are buying pre-owned EVs,” said Carter Prescott, SCE director of Electrification. “And now we’re happy that we can provide additional help to customers who may need it.”

Rebates for new and used EVs have been available to SCE customers since 2017. Earlier this year, the utility extended its program for used EVs to lend a hand to more cost-conscious customers seeking to go electric. Federal and state government programs also offer rebates and other incentives to lower the cost of buying new electric cars.

The Pre-Owned EV Rebate program is available to first, second and third owners or lessors of pre-owned EVs. By overcoming one of the key barriers to EV ownership — affordability — the program aims to stimulate EV adoption, a key component in helping the state meet its critical climate and air quality goals.

“Many people, regardless of income, would rather buy pre-owned vehicles instead of new, and SCE’s pre-owned EV rebate may make the difference between those customers buying an EV rather than a car powered by fossil fuel,” Prescott said. “At SCE, we also strive to ensure that our programs help communities that are most impacted by harmful vehicle emissions.”

Applying for the rebate can be done online in a few minutes. SCE customers simply need to go to and enter their SCE service account number and current vehicle registration card number. Up to three consecutive owners of a single EV are eligible for a rebate, and up to three EVs at each SCE customer address can receive rebates. Those applying for the higher rebate amount will be asked to provide information proving that they qualify.

Customers can also shop for used EVs online and compare the price of owning them to similar gas-powered cars at The site shows how EVs can save on fuel, maintenance and other costs. Charging an electric car at home is equal to paying less than $2 per gallon of gasoline.

The Pre-Owned Rebate is funded by the California Air Resources Board’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program, which helps combat climate change by encouraging the use of clean fuels, like electricity, in vehicles.

SCE is helping to accelerate EV adoption through its innovative Charge Ready charging infrastructure programs, which support the installation of electric car charging at workplaces, schools and public places and multifamily dwellings, as well as charging for fleet and industrial vehicles.


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