Siemen’s Enterprise Charging Network service

Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) are collaborating to help ease the transition to electromobility for fleet drivers and managers. The initial result of this collaboration is a new Siemens charging service called Enterprise Charging Network. This service provides a simple end -to-end solution for charging at the company site, in the public and at home, thus standardizing the charging experience for drivers and reducing the effort for fleet managers.

Simplified processes for fleet drivers and managers
Drivers of company-owned electric vehicles can charge the same way wherever they are, using just one company charging card and app. They have access to the charging infrastructure at their own company sites as well as to over 190,000 public charging points in 21 European countries.

All charging processes, regardless of where they take place, are billed via an integrated monthly invoice in the fleet portal. This gives fleet managers transparency over all operations while reducing the administrative overhead.

The Enterprise Charging Network service is the initial result of the cooperation between Siemens and Digital Charging Solutions, which aims to make electromobility as accessible and usable for fleet customers as possible, thus promoting its adoption and expansion. To this end, the partners intend to connect electric vehicles, charging operations and the charging infrastructure intelligently and digitally to optimize the user experience for fleet drivers and simplify the processes for fleet managers. DCS brings Europe’s largest charging network with validated charging infrastructure point of interest (POI) data to the collaboration.

Credit: Siemens

“Electrifying corporate fleets comes with a variety of challenges. In addition to the management and maintenance of the hardware, the main thing is making charging and the associated processes as simple as possible. Charging corporate fleets needs to be as easy as charging a smartphone. Together with Digital Charging Solutions, we successfully launched a charging service that does just that,” says JeanChristoph Heyne, Head of Future Grid at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “In addition, we see potential in working with DCS and its OEM partners on on-board vehicle services because fleet drivers need a unified user experience – whether they’re using the charging app on their smartphone or an app in their vehicle. This is the only way companies operating large fleets will play a greater role in expanding electromobility over the long term.”

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