SkyDrive’s Flying Car Expected in 2023

A company led by engineers from the aircraft, drone, and automotive industries to develop flying cars and cargo drones to put urban air mobility into practical use and contribute to the future of an urban air mobility society.

SkyDrive’s urban air mobility solutions achieved the first-ever demo flight in the summer of 2020, in Japan, and the aim is for it to be available for sale in Japan by 2023. The company started to sell a cargo drone in May 2020, in Japan. 

Source: SkyDrive’

SkyDrive has completed its technical verification phase. Since launching an unmanned outdoor flight test in December 2018, it has conducted numerous technical verifications. This was followed by manned flight tests that started in December 2019 and completed safely in March 2020 – confirming the controllability and flight stability of the test aircraft. The next stage, which is starting now, involves feeding back improvements to technical design that were picked up during the manned operation of the aircraft.