SNC-Lavalin to fully cooperate with Canadian authorities in their investigation

SNC-Lavalin Inc. and SNC-Lavalin international Inc. have been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada with offences that would have occurred from 1997 to 2004 including fraud against the government and conspiracy to commit fraud against the government in connection with the Jacques Cartier Bridge Refurbishment project, a $128 million contract of which SNC-Lavalin was a 50 percent consortium partner.

The Company welcomes the opportunity offered by the DPCP to negotiate a remediation agreement to resolve these charges. This is first time a Canadian company has received an invitation to negotiate such an agreement. SNC-Lavalin has always been and remains willing to reach a reasonable and fair solution that promotes accountability, while permitting the Company to continue to do business and protect the livelihood of its over 30,000 employees, clients, investors and other stakeholders.

The Company, which is today recognized for its robust integrity program and culture, takes seriously these charges relating to alleged events that took place two decades ago. The investigation of this matter has been disclosed in the Company’s public filings and was facilitated by its own self-reporting. The Company has fully and voluntarily cooperated with the authorities.

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