Tata unveils facility for development of Hydrogen propulsion technologies

London, 26 October 2023, (Oilandgaspress) – Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, unveiled two state-of-the-art & new-age R&D facilities for meeting its mission of offering sustainable mobility solutions. The unveilings constitute of engine test cell for development of Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine and the necessary infrastructure for storage and dispensing of Hydrogen fuel for the Fuel Cell and H2ICE vehicles.

These facilities are yet another step forward from the company towards carbon neutrality, while tapping the strong potential of Hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Tata Motors on 25th September, 2023 delivered two first-of-its-kind, technologically advanced, safer, new-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered buses to Indian Oil Corporation as part of a tender bagged in 2021.

Tata Motors is amongst country’s most innovative vehicle manufacturer and its research and development facilities have consistently developed and engineered innovative mobility solutions powered by alternate fuel technologies: battery-electric, hybrid, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen ICE and Hydrogen Fuel Cell technologies. The company is poised to continue the leadership with green technologies and has been leading the electrification journey in India for cargo and passenger transportation.

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