TeraWatt Forms Strategic Partnership with Premier EV Mobility Company Kaptyn

As Kaptyn’s exclusive EV charging development provider, TeraWatt will establish charging hubs to support Kaptyn’s expanding electric fleet operations in Nevada, California and Florida

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TeraWatt Infrastructure, a company providing best in class charging services for fleets in the U.S., today announced a strategic partnership with Kaptyn, a premier EV mobility company, to develop electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs in Las Vegas, Southern California, and South Florida and other North American markets to enable the company’s expanded fleet operations.

Rideshare drivers travel about three times as many miles per day on average than private car owners, yet less than one percent of rideshare miles are driven in an electric vehicle. With a nation-wide fleet of electric vehicles driven by employees instead of contractors, Kaptyn is a sustainable mobility company focused on acquiring and electrifying the most well managed fleets in the US to accelerate the shift to a zero-carbon transportation economy.

“The soon-to-be trillion-dollar market for ridesharing can be a major driver of reducing vehicle emissions and creating a cleaner, more equitable transport system for all,” said TeraWatt CEO Neha Palmer. “We’re proud to support Kaptyn’s mission to create the next-generation sustainable mobility company and to put forth an economical and sustainable model for other ridesharing companies looking to electrify.”

Combining real estate, and EV charging expertise, TeraWatt’s purpose-built platform is uniquely suited to help all fleets overcome the challenges associated with sourcing well located, reliable EV charging solutions for fleets. Developing charging hubs in and around urban areas in a manner that takes into account common routes, usage trends and additional on-site amenities requires significant expertise in securing grid interconnection, controlling energy costs and ensuring reliable charging operations. TeraWatt will own, develop, finance, and operate EV charging assets to help the company manage demand charges and reduce peak load, while ensuring reliable and resilient energy delivery for fleet operations. TeraWatt and Kaptyn will collaborate, bringing their relative strengths in real estate, charging operations, and EV fleet management to accelerate the adoption of EVs in fleets.

“This partnership with TeraWatt is critical to the future of our business and will enable us to quickly scale our electric fleet operations to markets with high demand,” said Kaptyn CEO Andrew Meyers. “TeraWatt’s collective energy and transportation project development expertise is unparalleled, making the company the ideal choice to be our long term exclusive charging partner.”

TeraWatt intends to develop and own over 15 MW of initial charging capacity at sites across Kaptyn’s first three geographies and expand capacity over time to meet Kaptyn’s growth, as well as to support the co-location of other fleets.

About Terawatt Infrastructure

TeraWatt Infrastructure provides reliable charging solutions for the future of fleet transportation. The company designs, operates and owns electric vehicle charging hubs for fleet operations combining property assets with energy and charging expertise. Terawatt was founded, in the absence of anything like it, to be the nation’s reliable, long-term partner in the inevitable transition to all-electric transportation. For more information: www.terawattinfrastructure.com

About Kaptyn

Kaptyn is a sustainable mobility platform dedicated to changing mobility for good. The company operates one of the largest EV fleets in the U.S. with employee drivers and is developing and deploying an integrated eMobility platform designed to optimize electrification for large fleets. Kaptyn operates experiences in Las Vegas, South Florida and Southern CA, with more markets coming online soon. Learn more about us at www.kaptyn.com.


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