The brand new Ferrari 12Cilindri

London, 08 May 2024, (Oilandgaspress): – The new two-seater berlinetta and spider, both powered by a mid-front-mounted V12, have been presented in Miami The 12Cilindri’s 830 cv power output – with maximum revs rising to 9500 rpm – and sophisticated electronic controls seem to point to a watershed with respect to the Gran Turismo cars of the 1950s and ’60s from which it takes its inspiration, but the symphony produced by each of its 12 cylinders leaves no doubt. A car really can be high-tech while offering raw thrills at the same time. Sportiness, class and elegance encapsulate the three souls which come alive in the Ferrari 12Cilindri. Behind its simple and harmonious lines, the new car conceals innovative features such as active aerodynamics – with two distinct elements clearly influenced by aeronautical design – an 8-speed DCT gearbox, independent four-wheel steering and advanced electronics including systems such as aspirated torque shaping, ABS Evo and Side Slip Control 8.0.

new Ferrari 12Cilindri

The iconic engine has followed some of the modifications made on the Ferrari 812 Competizione that derive from the Prancing Horse’s experience in Formula 1, such as the sliding finger follower for a higher-performance valve lift profile. Titanium con rods and aluminium alloy pistons have been used to cut weight and therefore reduce inertia, all to the benefit of both rpm and sound. The intake system, featuring variable geometry inlet tracts and a re-engineered plenum, harmonises the high frequencies with the low tones emitted by the exhaust manifold, providing the occupants with a symphony that boasts the distinctive timbre of Maranello’s V12 engines. And now the driving experience can be elevated even further: the sound of the V12 engine can be enjoyed in open-top driving on the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider, unveiled at the same exclusive venue in Miami.

Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

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