The European Car Climate Summit – 18 May 2022

The EU is about to decide the date by when all new cars must be zero-emissions. What’s at stake for the climate, workers and industry?

This summer will be decisive for Europe’s car industry: in the months ahead, EU lawmakers will decide the date by when all new cars and vans must be zero-emissions. The EU Commission has proposed 2035 as the deadline for the last combustion engines to be sold. The European Parliament and EU governments will take the final decision by September.

Transport & Environment, Europe’s leading clean transport campaign group, will host a summit of leaders from government, industry and labour as well as environmental campaigners and consumer advocates. The half-day event will discuss what the decision will mean for:

  • EU countries meeting their climate commitments – cars account for 12% of Europe’s total CO2 emissions
  • Businesses, workers and consumers making the switch to electric
  • The sustainability of batteries, which are essential for the green transition

15:00-17:30, Madrid and Online, Welcome by the host: European Commission Representation in Madrid


HYBRID: Join Online or at Sala Europa, Comisión Europea, Representación en España

46 Paseo de la Castellana

28046 Madrid


Welcome by T&E: William Todts, Executive Director at Transport & Environment

Keynote speech: Pascal Canfin MEP, chairperson of Environment Committee of the European Parliament

How can EU car CO2 standards help member states meet their climate commitments?
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