Total is the leading distributor of E85 in France

In order to meet the growing demand for E85, a mostly renewable fuel benefiting from an attractive price and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions, Total has stepped up the deployment of E85 superethanol within its service stations to become today the largest distribution network of E85 in France *.

Total had already doubled its distribution capacity at the end of 2019, from 270 service stations to more than 500. As of December 31, 2020, the Total network now had more than 750 service stations offering E85 and this development will continue. in 2021 .

Total’s E85 Superethanol has many advantages:

  • Renewable , it incorporates 60 to 85% bioethanol , an alcohol made from beet, wheat or corn;
  • It is mainly produced in France and its marketing supports French agriculture;
  • It has a favorable carbon footprint due to its composition and reduces CO 2 emissions by more than 40% over the entire product life cycle **;
  • It benefits from an attractive price per liter , thanks to favorable taxation, and allows gasoline vehicles to save more than 40% on their fuel budget;
  • It is available throughout the country with TOTAL stations offering E85 in each department *

It can be used by specific so-called “ Flex-Fuel ” vehicles or by gasoline cars fitted with an approved *** conversion device, installed by an approved garage owner: 9 out of 10 gasoline vehicles can be fitted with it.

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