TotalEnergies release 2 Energy Transition Publications

In view of the forthcoming COP26, multi-energy company TotalEnergies contributes to the Energy Transition discussion with two new documents aiming to provide a better understanding of the global energy system: the “Energy Landscape” and the “TotalEnergies Energy Outlook 2021”. .

Energy Landscape
The “Energy Landscape”, written in collaboration with Capgemini and energy expert Colette Lewiner, aims to provide an overview of the worldwide energy system as of 2021, to enlighten the ongoing energy transition. It provides facts-based information on energy supply and demand and on how to compare energies in an informed way. It also presents the technological progresses that have already been made and those still to come.

This document equally provides insights into the climate challenges and the progress needed to ensure a supply of energy that is affordable, reliable, and as carbon-free as possible to limit global warming, a challenge that concerns us all.

TotalEnergies Energy Outlook 2021
Published for a third consecutive year, the TotalEnergies Energy Outlook 2021 reexamines the two core scenarios – Momentum and Rupture – elaborated by TotalEnergies in order to achieve the energy transition by 2050, taking into consideration the current market and societal trends. It also integrates Net Zero pledges unveiled by several countries since the presentation of last year’s Energy Outlook.

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