Tseetech 200W Mid-Power Wireless Power Solution in Mass Production

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#longdistancewirelesscharger–After releasing the Qi-Compatible 50mm through-surface wireless charger in 2020, Tseetech has never stopped exploring and developing new possibilities in wireless power transfer. The 200W wireless charging module TE03 was announced in Dec-2021, it could be widely leveraged in many industry fields such as robotic, medical device, E-Bike/E-Scooter, AGV/AMR with the impressive 91% charging efficiency and super accurate FOD method.

In May-2022, Tseetech TE03 has been officially brought into mass production for a shared e-scooter charging dock project in Europe.

The key advantages of the solution are:

  1. High precision FOD (foreign object detection) algorithm: The parking dock charges the e-scooter from the bottom. TE03 allows the parking dock to detect metal objects as tiny as a quarter dollar coin. It guarantees the safety no matter the target user.
  2. Overwhelming system end-to-end efficiency and low-temperature rise: To accommodate the specific magnetic material, Tseetech has redesigned the coil and successfully keep the end-to-end efficiency higher than 90% with proper tuning. All the components on the control board are within 50°C temperature rise even at the maximum charging power – 200W.
  3. Meet the EU EMC requirement EN55032 Class-B: EN55032 Class-B is a holy grail for wireless charging system EMC performance. Some wireless charging systems only passed the Class-A limit, so they can only be deployed in specific environments like factories or outdoor places. Tseetech’s solution meets the EN55032 Class-B limit, so the parking dock can be deployed anywhere to satisfy the rigid demands of lots of e-scooter users.
  4. Impressive 35mm charging distance with ±20mm offset: As an expert in loosely-couple wireless charging, Tseetech has extended the charging distance to 35mm; In real life use, not everyone can park the two-wheelers and make sure the Tx & Rx (Transmitter & Receiver) 100% aligned every time, so ±20mm tolerance makes it easier in design and gives much better user-experience.

Tseetech is the leading wireless charging solution innovator. With its strong R & D ability and durable products, Tseetech has been expanding the wireless & cordless concept into market, plus the natural advantages of wireless charging: weather resistance and safety, it will change our life ever, in a better way.


Contact: Ling Liu

E-mail: ling.liu@tseetech.com
Phone: +86 18124743426