Ubiquitous Energy Leadership Recognized for Solar Energy Innovation as World Responds to Urgent Climate Crisis

Miles Barr, Co-founder & CTO, Named to 2021 Environment + Energy Leader 100 List As Company Leads the Next Evolution in Solar Energy Solutions to Reach Carbon Neutral Future

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#leadershipUbiquitous Energy, the world leader in transparent solar technology — the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials while maintaining visible transparency, is enhancing sustainable energy solutions as the world responds to an urgent climate crisis. In recognition of its industry leadership, the company’s co-founder and CTO, Miles Barr, was named to the 2021 Environment + Energy Leader 100 List, an annual recognition of environment and energy ‘doers’ who break trail in creating new solutions, programs, platforms, best practices and products to help their companies – or other companies – achieve greater success.

2021: The Year of Climate Change Impacting Policies Worldwide

A devastating United Nations (UN) climate report, which analyzed 14,000 studies on the topic, found that some consequences of climate change are inevitable while concluding that there is a narrow window to mitigate the disastrous outcomes of inaction. Consequently, in a meeting with leading mayors from C40 Cities, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres called 2021 a “Make-or-Break” year for climate change response and sustainable energy transformation. In response, countries, companies, and individuals have doubled down on sustainability initiatives, allocating financial resources, advocating for effective policies, and implementing lifestyle changes to restrain the repercussions of global warming. For example, in October, countries gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, for the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference where they committed to reducing emissions and funding sustainability initiatives to respond to this imminent crisis.

Ubiquitous Energy’s Miles Barr Recognized as Top 100 Environment + Energy Leader

As a solution builder, Ubiquitous Energy is at the forefront of these world-leading efforts. The company, founded by technologists a decade ago committed to a sustainable future, is committed to making an enormous impact on environmental outcomes, expecting to install one billion square feet of solar energy generating window glass globally by 2050. This will expand what’s possible in a renewable energy portfolio and change the way the world utilizes solar power.

“I’m honored to be included on this year’s Environment + Energy Leader 100 List,” said Barr, adding, “This reflects more than a decade of investment, research, and development and countless hours of hard work by the Ubiquitous Energy team. I’m humbled to lead such an incredible team as we work to do our part to respond to an urgent climate crisis and a growing market demand for solar energy products.”

To learn more about how Ubiquitous Energy is responding to today’s energy challenges by powering the future of what a window can be, visit: https://ubiquitous.energy/.

About Ubiquitous Energy, Inc.

Founded in 2011, Ubiquitous Energy was started by a group of MIT and MSU scientists and engineers looking for new ways to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by seamlessly integrating solar power technology into everyday products and surfaces. Ubiquitous Energy has the world’s leading transparent solar technology – the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials all while maintaining visible transparency. To both residential and commercial building occupants, Ubiquitous Energy’s solar windows provide a clear, vibrant experience that is expected from traditional Low-E windows, but with self-contained, on-board power and smart functionality. For more information please visit us at https://ubiquitous.energy/ or connect with us via Linkedin.


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