Upfront costs for electric cars is a deterrent in move away from petrol cars

Which? recently surveyed 3,619 members of the public and found 41% were open to switching to an electric car. However, a sizeable 34% said they were put off by the amount of money they would need to buy the car in the first place. To see how wide a price gap exists between electric and petrol cars,

Which? took a closer look at models from two brands, Mini and Peugeot and factored in the base price and three-year running costs for each car to see how long it would take to recoup the extra money you pay for an electric car upfront.

One of the main justifications for the high price of electric cars is how much cheaper they are to run, but even after factoring that in, the extra cost of purchase can be huge. Plus, despite the government’s Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and plug-in car grant, it still takes years to recoup the money.

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