Veriten Launches as New, Energy-Focused Media Platform

Fostering Thoughtful, Collaborative, and Inclusive Data-Driven Analysis and Discussion of the Global Energy Transition

“If we’re going to save the world, let’s start by saving the conversation”

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Veriten, which is led by Founder and CEO Maynard Holt and a talented team of energy & market specialists, officially launched today, adding a powerful new voice to the global debate on the future of the world’s energy mix.

In its debut, Veriten hosted esteemed former U.S. Secretary of State James A Baker III on its Close of Business Tuesday (“COBT”) streaming video/podcast. In the coming weeks, Veriten will accelerate build-out of its knowledge platform bringing smart, fresh, and relevant energy-related content including interviews, analysis, and other unique information streams.

We are thrilled to host COBT on our new Veriten platform, and deeply honored that our first guest is one of the most accomplished and insightful leaders in the past 50 years of American history,” Holt said. “Secretary Baker’s knowledge and perspectives are particularly timely and important in the context of recent developments that are impacting geopolitics, energy prices and global commerce. As the world closely monitors the situation on the ground in Eastern Europe, Secretary Baker offers important historical context and once again distinguishes himself as a voice of compromise, integrity, patriotism, humor, and pragmatism.”

Mr. Holt was previously Chief Executive Officer of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. (TPH). He began his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and has more than 27 years of experience as a senior strategic advisor to companies in and around the energy industry. Throughout his career he has focused on helping clients solve complex challenges, and the Veriten team expects to build and capitalize on those experiences and connections to help elevate the energy discussion.

The Veriten team brings diverse perspectives and unique insights regarding the energy transition and its impact on companies, commodities, investors, governments, and communities around the world.

  • Mike Bradley, a veteran of trading and investing in capital markets, has joined as a Partner in Energy Market Strategy;
  • Colin Fenton, a longtime thought leader on commodities and more, has joined as Chief Intelligence Officer;
  • Jeff Tillery, an original founder of TPH’s predecessor firm and a former head of TPH Research, joins as Chief Operating Officer;
  • Todd Scruggs, a veteran energy industry executive, has joined as a Partner focused on Investment Opportunities; and
  • Albert De La Portilla, Tammy Duong, and Chanel Vanderzyde have joined to provide creative, execution and marketing expertise to the team, which is poised to expand as Veriten augments its product and service offerings.

Holt added, “While we don’t have all the answers, we are connected to some of the brightest minds in the energy world and firmly believe that bringing people together is the best way to arrive at reasoned outcomes. We have demonstrated the ability to bring diverse energy perspectives together to foster a constructive dialogue on emerging trends, innovations, and best practices, and are excited to improve the conversation regarding today’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. We intend to supplant gloom and doom, pessimism, and fear by offering high quality information, more comprehensive data, and constructive interactions that will get us to better solutions sooner. The conversations, content and debate we foster will be as serious, measured and reasoned as the scope and importance of the topics we cover. Our team is excited to provide unique data, insights and analysis to help drive smarter capital allocation decisions and higher returns, while also advancing companies’ ESG objectives. More than anything, I am excited to be working in energy, thinking about the energy transition every day, and doing it with great, smart, fun people.”

Tillery said, “While Veriten’s headquarters is at the ION in Houston, Texas – a center for technology innovation – we intend to have a global footprint as this discussion and its relevance are global. To have an informed view on what the energy world looks like in ten years, we will incorporate global perspectives, particularly those of experts outside Europe and North America.”

Veriten is excited to expand upon its flagship program COBT, which now counts well over 100 episodes, and intends to stream new content in written, video, and podcast format. A central theme in all of Veriten’s work will be an evergreen analysis of “what will the energy world look like in ten years?” Recurring streams will include a focus on innovation and technology and a CEO-centric stream focused on leadership and culture. Veriten also intends to host networking and conferences on key topics and across industries as another critical component of the team’s efforts to make a meaningful and positive contribution to the evolving energy conversation.

Veriten is a pioneering energy intelligence platform that finds, curates, and amplifies valuable knowledge in all its varieties.” Fenton added, “By bringing together and refining raw nuggets of insight and wisdom from many sources, alongside our own fact-based observations and analysis, we aspire to create an analytical capital for the energy transition.”


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