Woodside collaborates to study potential liquid hydrogen supply chain with Singapore

Woodside Energy Ltd (Woodside), Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd (Keppel Data Centres), City Energy Pte Ltd. (as Trustee of City Energy Trust) (City Energy), Osaka Gas Singapore Pt Ltd. (Osaka Gas Singapore) and City-OG Gas Energy Services Pte Ltd. (City-OG Gas Energy Services) (hereinafter, the “Parties”) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to study the feasibility of a long-term, stable supply chain of sustainable Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) from Western Australia to Singapore and potentially Japan. This new agreement follows the announcement of the proposed H2Perth Hydrogen facility in Kwinana where Woodside will seek to establish a large-scale LH2 and Ammonia export hub.

The study is expected to continue until mid2022, at which juncture the parties will decide on the next phase of their collaboration.

Hydrogen does not emit carbon dioxide during combustion and is considered a promising next generation, low-carbon fuel that can be used in a range of applications including power generation, town gas and as an industrial feedstock. Hydrogen can be liquefied by cooling it to below negative 253 degrees Celsius, and LH2 occupies significantly less volume than in its gaseous state so it can be stored and transported more easily.

The Parties will work collaboratively to explore both the technical and commercial aspects of developing an LH2 supply chain between Western Australia and Singapore, and potentially Japan, through collaboration using their respective expertise and knowledge.

This is an exciting development which supports the Singapore Green Plan, which charts ambitious and concrete targets over the next 10 years, strengthening Singapore’s commitments under the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement, and positioning Singapore to achieve its long-term net zero emissions aspirations as soon as viable.

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