World’s most sustainable electric vehicle motors

A UK-based company, Advanced Electric Machines (AEM), unveiled what it believes to be the world’s most sustainable motor for electric vehicles. Its new motors are completely free of rare earth magnets, yet are said to be able to offer all of the performance and efficiency benefits and more of a conventional permanent magnet motor, without their considerable environmental drawbacks.

HDSRM is a next-generation Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) that, uniquely for this type of motor, operates with the standard power electronics used by most EV drivetrains. Its design and patented technologies claim that, unlike previous SRMs, HDSRM can operate quietly and with minimal torque ripple.

“From the earliest concept stage HDSRM was shown to match the performance of a leading permanent magnet motor of the same size while offering improved efficiency. It also delivers very robust construction, no risk of demagnetization due to overheating, and the ability to freewheel without any electromagnetic losses. Customers have reported that these benefits allow increased range and reduced drivetrain system costs compared to alternatives,” the company said.

Designed as a modular solution, AEM offers the potential to scale to higher power and torque levels, or several HDSRM can be combined to deliver even greater levels of flexible power and torque and an even broader peak efficiency zone. HDSRM can also be paired with internal-combustion engines acting as both traction motor and generator for hybrid vehicle solutions. AEM also has world class transmission design capabilities developing a gearbox that can support drive from up to three HDSRM motors, achieving a peak torque output of 4200Nm. AEM can also provide bespoke gearboxes with ratios to suit the vehicle’s application.

AEM claims its technologies can be produced using only steel and aluminium, meaning that it can be recycled quickly, cost-effectively and completely.

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