Zoox’s sustainable transportation system

Sustainability is core to Zoox’s mission.
The vehicle is all-electric, producing no emissions as it takes you from A to B. More importantly, it’s designed to make living without a car more attainable for millions of people in the near future.

The vehicle design has more than 100 safety innovations not featured in conventional cars, including a novel airbag system for bidirectional vehicles and carriage seating that envelops passengers, which is equal to five-star crash safety protections for all four seats. The vehicles utilize a unique sensor architecture of cameras, radar, and LIDAR to obtain an unrivaled 270-degree field of view on all four corners of the vehicle, eliminating typical blind spots and allowing the vehicle to consistently track objects next to and behind it, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and other road users.

“It’s time for a transformation. We need to find alternative ways to get around that are more sustainable, relying not only on electric energy but changing the mobility landscape overall.”


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Zoox is part of The Climate Pledge—a commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040. That’s 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement deadline.