TotalEnergies Increases Offshore Wind Investments

Renewable energy has a critical role to play in meeting rising global electricity demand while helping to combat global warming. Wind power, a low-carbon, naturally renewable solution, has a particularly bright future. That’s why we are leveraging our expertise to develop this resource.

In particular, we are focusing our efforts on offshore wind power. This technology has great potential because it can be deployed far off the coast, tapping larger wind resources than onshore wind turbines while having less of an impact on the landscape. To ensure success, we are applying our recognized, longstanding expertise in managing large offshore projects.

In 2020, we invested in a number of landmark floating and fixed-bottom wind projects, in both mature and growth regions across Europe and Asia. This has positioned us as a key player in the industry – with cumulative wind power generation capacity of more than 3.5 gigawatts – and contributed to our goal of being one of the world’s top 5 renewable energy companies.

Large-scale projects in the pipeline set to start operations in the years to come include:

  • Erebus, a pioneering floating wind project located off the coast of Wales in waters 70 meters deep, making TotalEnergies one of the first movers in this technology in the United Kingdom, the world’s largest offshore wind market.
  • Seagreen, the largest fixed-bottom offshore wind project in Scotland, with a production capacity of 1,140 megawatts, equivalent to the daily electricity consumption of one million homes in the United Kingdom.
  • Bada, the biggest floating offshore wind project in the world, with a production capacity of 500 megawatts, which we are developing off the coast of South Korea in partnership with Macquarie.

These projects all bring us closer to our ambition of getting to net zero by 2050, together with society.

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