A Guide On How To Maintain Your Car Effectively

While we need to know how to drive and the relevant laws of the road, we’re often not taught how to maintain our own car on a mechanical level.

Instead, we rely on qualified professionals to keep our cars in working order, but they don’t come cheap. There will always be times where you need a professional but, by learning how to maintain your own car, you can save valuable time and money.

So, that’s what we’re going to learn today! We’ve separated our guide into four segments below:

  • What Is Car Maintenance?
  • Getting Started: How To Maintain Your Car Effectively
  • Car Maintenance Tips
  • Car Maintenance: Do’s And Don’ts
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Getting bad advice can be just as costly, so we’ve used references to back up any claims that we have made throughout this guide. You can also read deeper into car maintenance using those links if you’re passionate, but this guide has everything a casual car owner needs to know.

What Is Car Maintenance?

If you’re going to learn how to maintain your car, you need to know what car maintenance is. Put simply, it’s the act of surveying, servicing, and repairing your automobile to keep it in working order.

From there, there are different subcategories like preventative maintenance, which is aimed at just keeping the vehicle running and stopping any issues that could arise. Then there is a tune-up, where you focus on how powerful your engine runs and try to make it even stronger by cleaning or replacing parts and adding other parts.

Maintenance will always look slightly different because it depends on your vehicle, your skill level, and how deep you want to go. Since this guide is aimed at casual car owners, you’re not going to learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct your engine here. Instead, by following this guide, you can prevent heftier mechanical jobs by keeping the vitals of your car clean and fully functional.

So, why should we keep our cars maintained?

There are two main goals, detailed below.

Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

As we’ve already alluded to, practicing many of the car maintenance tips below will keep your car running smoothly. This means that your car won’t just be functional, it’ll also be pleasing to drive, which means it shouldn’t be too loud or vibrate too much while driving. Cars that aren’t properly maintained will only get worse, racking up costly mechanic bills when something goes wrong that you can’t fix, and they’ll also be harder to sell in the future.

Reduces Any Risk

The more serious reason you should keep your car maintained is that it’s safer. A car that isn’t maintained is often the car that will suffer malfunctions and breakdowns. If they happen on the road, they can put your life and the lives of others at risk. This is why car maintenance isn’t just something you should do to make the car sound nice, it’s your responsibility as a vehicle owner to minimize risk when out on the road.

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Submitted By: Dexter Gray, Outreach Executive, Vehicle Freak| E: dexter@vehiclefreak.digital

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