A New Way to Deliver Energy to Any Electric Vehicle

Ample uses Modular Battery Swapping to deliver a full charge (100%) in under 10 minutes, 3 times faster than charging. It works with any electric vehicle and dramatically reduces the cost and time it takes to install EV infrastructure. Our system is designed for rapid deployment, making it possible to equip an entire metropolitan area with a ubiquitous network in a matter of weeks, while delivering energy at a cost as cheap as gasoline. Ample has the additional benefit of being able to capture wind and solar power when it’s available, and then dispense that energy to EVs when needed.

Urban areas and fleets have had slow uptake of electric vehicles due to slow charging speeds, high deployment cost and long construction time. What’s more, it is not possible today to profitably build and operate charging infrastructure without continued access to government subsidies. Additionally, long charge times put electric vehicles at a significant disadvantage to gasoline for many use cases, including high-utilization fleets, drivers without access to overnight charging and long-range driving. For economies like the United States, European Union and Japan, transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Today there’s no clear path to moving electric vehicles to renewable energy sources without heavy investment in grid infrastructure to store renewable energy. Ample’s goal is to address these challenges, and enable a seamless transition to electric mobility.

Ample technology has two major components:

. A fully-autonomous swapping station that removes depleted battery modules from the car and replaces them with fully charged ones. The depleted battery modules are then placed on shelves where they are recharged. Ample’s stations require no construction, and can be assembled wherever two parking spots are available. This makes them a convenient solution for a diversity of locations including grocery stores, gas stations and highway rest stops.

. A modular battery architecture that allows for any EV to use Ample’s stations. Our batteries are made out of lego-like modules that can accommodate any vehicle regardless of size or model.

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