ACR Systems Inc. Launches SmartReader SRX Data Logger Product Line to Support Electrical and Industrial Markets

The new SRX3 and SRX7 data loggers are compatible with the company’s real-time graphing and analysis software, TrendReader TRX

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ACR Systems, one of the world’s leading suppliers of data loggers, today announces the launch of its new SmartReader SRX series of self-powered, multi-channel data loggers. The latest product line is compatible with the company’s real-time graphing and analysis software, TrendReader TRX, offering an easy plug-and-play solution to its users.

Speaking on the product launch, Albert C. Rock, Founder and CEO of ACR Systems Inc said, “For over 40 years, ACR Systems has empowered customers with innovation that is efficient and reliable. I’m excited to introduce the SmartReader SRX series, the most advanced and accurate data logger in the market.”

“The SRX series is a completely standalone and portable device, with increased storage capacity, precise and accurate recordings, and offers a better user experience. The SRX offers wider data logging capabilities and ease of use. With the press of just one button, users can generate comprehensive reports supporting quick decision-making,” he added.

The self-powered SRX series, including the SRX3 and SRX7 data loggers, is aimed at providing customers greater flexibility to connect to a wide range of transducers thereby offering advanced monitoring options. Additionally, the data logger acts as an independent backup system, promising operational longevity, and produces digital records, rather than paper documents, leading to less commercial e-waste.

Capable of storing up to 1 million readings, the SRX series includes LED flashing alarm lights, and two-stage alarming (Warning and Critical), and can be calibrated to NIST standards for the highest possible measurement accuracy. The product comes with mini USB interface cables for rapid, cost-effective communication with the data loggers.

The plug-and-play TrendReader TRX software enables real-time data graphing for faster decision-making and is available in both Basic and Pro versions. One button is all a user needs to generate a stacked graph and a one-page professional summary report.

The SRX3 data logger is ideal for the electrical industry and can accurately monitor AC current and voltage, accommodating up to seven separate inputs. The SRX7 data logger can monitor and record a variety of popular Process Signals at varying rates and can be used for compressor monitoring, Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition (SCADA) troubleshooting and so much more.

The SmartReader SRX product series will be available for delivery from July 2024. For more information on the product and its applications,

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About ACR Systems Inc.:

Since the mid-1980s, ACR Systems has delivered the highest standard of customer care in quality data logging solutions. Today, ACR is one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-powered data loggers, with over one million systems sold globally to industry leaders across a range of industrial and commercial markets. Their mission guides them to provide rugged, self-powered, portable data loggers that help customers find answers to questions on accountability, efficiency, quality, and liability. ACR Systems has set a high standard for the feature set and functionality in the compact, self-powered data logger marketplace. ACR Systems meets or exceeds the Quality Management requirements of ISO 9001 certification for designing and manufacturing data loggers.


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