Air Products Commissions Hydrogen Fueling Demonstration Station in China

World-leading supplier of hydrogen and hydrogen for mobility solutions, announced it has commissioned its first hydrogen fueling station in Shandong Province for fueling buses and trucks to support China’s “Hydrogen into Ten Thousand Homes” demonstration project and green transportation.

Air Products has accelerated several hydrogen production and application projects in the province in support of this national project.

The “Hydrogen into Ten Thousand Homes” demonstration project is a high-level project initiated by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology in cooperation with Shandong provincial government to promote the comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and demonstrate hydrogen applications in industrial parks, community buildings and transportation to create a hydrogen-powered society.

Built, owned and operated by Air Products, and a joint effort with the local government, the station located in Huantai County of Zibo City is the company’s first and also one of the first hydrogen fueling stations in Shandong. It is built to world-class standards and equipped with the company’s patented fueling technology and two state-of-the-art dispensers, with hydrogen energy supplied by the company’s production facility in Zibo. The station can fuel several fleets of public buses and trucks used for logistics.

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