Technology to maximize solar and wind power while keeping the grid stable

Reactive Technologies announced a new group of investors as part of a $15M funding round led by BGF, alongside Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Eaton (NYSE:ETN) , a global intelligent power management company.

Reactive will use the proceeds to expand its international activities and export its technology to countries around the world that are experiencing rapid renewable energy growth and already beginning to manage the challenges of decreased grid stability caused by a loss of inertia. Reactive’s GridMetrix technology is like ‘sonar’ for the grid, uniquely able to take direct measurements of grid inertia and providing system operators with accurate real-time visibility over power network conditions. This mission-critical data enables grids to safely and cost-effectively increase their renewable energy capacity as they accelerate the decarbonisation of their energy systems.

The investment entry of one of the world’s most prestigious clean energy funds is a major validation of Reactive’s technological solutions. Breakthrough Energy Ventures invests only in technologies with the potential to reduce greenhouse gases by at least 1% of global emissions (0.5 gigatons) per year. Meanwhile, Eaton will make a strategic investment, and together with Reactive, will explore opportunities for collaboration on utility market support and future service offerings.

Reactive expects to announce further strategic investments as part of a 2nd close later in the year.

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