Azipod® electric propulsion for eco-friendly superyacht

Debut contract with Dutch luxury yacht builder Oceanco on Azipod® technology installation project paves the way for broader cooperation on sustainable electric propulsion in a market expected to exceed $10 billion by 2025

Specified for a superyacht built to the highest sustainability standards, ABB’s integrated project scope covers the supply of two 2.5 MW Azipod® units, together with propulsion drives and controls.

The Azipod® system is well-known for superior fuel efficiency and maneuverability over conventional setups across a broad variety of vessel types from cruise ships to tankers and ferries. The scalability of Azipod® propulsion means that it is equally well-suited to the environmentally conscious superyacht sector, a market where owners also place special value on the highest comfort standards brought by lower noise and vibrations.

Azipod® technology is based on a steerable propulsion system whose electric drive is contained in a submerged pod outside the ship’s hull rotating through 360 degrees. Launched three decades ago, Azipod® propulsion has become an industry benchmark for environmentally-friendly vessel technology, with its proven ability to cut fuel consumption by up to 20 percent compared to traditional shaftline propulsion systems.

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