Daimler Truck Invests in Apex.AI

Apex.AI, a company developing safety-certified software for mobility and autonomous applications, announced that Daimler Truck (DTG:DTR0CK), one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, has made a strategic minority investment in the company. Apex.AI has developed an industry-leading suite of automotive safety-certified software solutions, including the Apex.OS operating system. The software suite serves as the foundational infrastructure on which smart machines operate in the automotive, agriculture, mining, IoT and industrial automation industries.

“This strategic investment from Daimler Truck demonstrates its forward-thinking nature by ensuring that our scalable applications continue to drive software defined vehicle
development for the entire industry,” said Jan Becker, Co-founder and CEO, Apex.AI. “Our powerful solutions are purposely designed with simplicity in mind. That’s the approach
that’s changing the way companies in a wide range of industries develop their future vehicle technologies.”


The Apex.OS SDK enables automotive software developers to create safe, reliable, real-time applications more efficiently. Like Apple’s iOS SDK, which allows practically anyone to create an iPhone app, Apex.OS makes programming for a vehicle or robot almost as easy as programming a phone. The result is significantly shortened development cycles of new mobility functions, all of which are created on a bedrock of software that’s recognized for having the highest safety standards.

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