Dalrada Corporation Collaborates with Lenovo and Iceotope to Supply Next-Generation Low-Carbon Performance-Driven Liquid-Cooled Rack-Mounted Servers with Heat Recovery

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$DFCO #AIDalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”), through its subsidiary, Dalrada Precision, announces that the Company is collaborating with Lenovo for its computing power and with Iceotope to provide a 360º solution to overcome environmental concerns, high energy and cost issues of water consumption with data centers and uses including cryptocurrency mining. Heat recovery options are a new opportunity for data centers. Exporting excess high-grade “heat” to district heating networks creates an additional income stream with optimized technology engineered for cooling data centers. Likido®AD absorption chillers result in ultra-low power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratios.

The Likido-Lenovo-Iceotope collaboration offers the next generation of low-carbon, HFC-free, ultra-low PUE, fully-encapsulated liquid-cooled rack-mounted servers with heat recovery for district heating and other heating applications.

Data centers are the factories of the digital age. Storing, moving, processing, and analyzing data requires cooling energy – and a lot of it. A typical university data center uses approximately 600-750kW/hour of cooling. This energy is lost to the atmosphere in most data centers as waste heat without recovery.

Edge of network data handling for artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, and data visualization further increases servers’ energy consumption and cooling demand. For example, the healthcare sector’s need to process and store information produced from imaging, telemedicine, and electronic health records is an enormous challenge. So, too, is the need to provide low-carbon heat to buildings and hot water systems.

For AI and Edge computing applications, the combined technology is a game-changing solution, with the capacity to cool in silence, the highest power GPUs, and extreme rack densities, in the smallest space possible, without the need for large and costly purpose-built buildings with cold and hot aisles.

The Likido-Lenovo-Iceotope 360º approach to providing server cooling with high-grade heat recovery saves data center operators on two of their most expensive operational costs: energy and water consumption.

Datacenter operators can also cut their energy costs by selling the excess heat to the local district’s heat network. Utilizing excess heat, homes and offices in the immediate area can be provided with space heating and hot water from heat recycled from the data center’s cooling utilities. Excess heat produces further cooling when no district heating system is available via Likido®AD absorption chillers, improving PUE.

Likido-Lenovo-Iceotope systems are adaptable to existing Lenovo air-cooled servers by using the Iceotope Ku:l liquid-cooled system. Precision delivery of dielectric coolant maximizes the cooling directly to the hotspots meaning no front-to-back air cooling, no bottom-to-top immersion constraints, and no physical space wasted.

The other significant advantage is each liquid-cooled chassis is 100% sealed to isolate and protect the IT from the surrounding atmosphere. The sealed chassis creates a controlled environment impervious to dust, gases, and humidity.

Likido heat pumps use carbon dioxide as the refrigerant fluid, also in a closed system. The cooling for the server racks is via a secondary heat transfer fluid, usually water or glycol. Recovered heat from servers is transported directly into the heating system, usually by water.

The powerful combination of Iceotope and Likido means that data centers can be located anywhere – even in the harshest IT environments. Mining or offshore locations in dusty or desert environments often operate without considering ambient air temperatures or renewable energy sources such as solar PV.

The Global Data Center Liquid Cooling Market was valued at USD 1982.62 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 7629.99 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 25.2% over the forecast period 2021- 2026, research reveals.

Fully encapsulated liquid-cooled server racks run in near silence and do not need water or large volumes of air passing over them, which in turn causes noise and environmental concerns. This reduces the capital cost of specialized data center buildings and alleviates the need for hot and cold aisles in facilities.

Brian Bonar, Chairman & CEO of Dalrada, states, “We are very excited to collaborate with leading companies like Lenovo and Iceotope. This partnership allows Dalrada to provide a liquid-cooled solution that combines the benefits of Likido®ONE’s robust system cost-savings, increased performance, and output. A bonus is that the heat recovery and modular design is customizable, as a solution for a multitude of applications.”

This partnership serves various needs, including the data mining industry, as Dalrada’s LikidoONE is used to cool, recover heat, reduce energy consumption, and allow more run-time for less in high-performance computing environments.

Lenovo provides best-in-class servers designed to optimize density and performance within typical data center infrastructure limits. Combining liquid cooled HPC and heat recycling in a complete system increases compute density, performance, and cooling efficiency with power-hungry workloads. Creating cost-saving efficiencies with clean energy technology for power-consuming applications advances further development and use of analytics, cloud, grid deployments, analytics workloads, and large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructure.

Iceotope engineered chassis-level immersion cooling for the whole IT stack – in every use case from hyperscale to extreme edge – with up to 96% water reduction. Industry-standard form factors allow simple maintenance and hot-swapping with ease and no heavy lifting. David Craig, Iceotope CEO, explains, “Iceotope is dedicated to ensuring the durability, reliability, efficiency, and long-term viability of Fluid Edge facilities, where air-cooled approaches have a limited future.”

The Likido-Lenovo-Iceotope 360º solution is an integrated, immersion-cooled microdata center with clean energy-driven cooling and heat recycling for maximized clean-energy efficiencies.

The new partnership with Lenovo and Iceotope authorizes Dalrada to market and sell the combined system in the US and Puerto Rico.

Dalrada continuously builds on its core practices of engineering, technology, and life sciences while operating under the tenet of bringing innovative products and services to a complex new world. As consumers, businesses, and governments plan for a sustainable future, Dalrada’s subsidiaries are responding with alternative solutions that are affordable, available, accessible, and impactful.

For more information on Dalrada and its subsidiaries, visit www.dalrada.com.

About Lenovo

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$60 billion revenue Fortune Global 500 company serving customers in 180 markets around the world. Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, we are developing world-changing technologies that power (through devices and infrastructure) and empower (through solutions and software) millions of customers every day and together create a more inclusive, trustworthy, and sustainable digital society for everyone, everywhere. To find out more visit https://www.lenovo.com

About Iceotope

Iceotope’s chassis-level precision immersion cooling solutions are engineered to cool the whole IT stack, in every use case, from Hyperscale to the Extreme Edge.

Offering up to 96% water reduction, up to 40% power reduction, up to 40% carbon emissions reduction, up to 84% cooling cost reduction, and up to 40% cost reduction per kW of ITE, Iceotope’s precision immersion cooling solutions are game-changing in the design, build and operation of data centers.

100% sealed at chassis level, Iceotope’s liquid cooling solutions offer extreme cooling performance whilst isolating and protecting the critical IT from the surrounding environment and atmosphere. Industry standard form factors allow simple maintenance and hot swapping to be carried out – in any location – with ease, without mess, nor the need for heavy lifting gear. For details, visit www.iceotope.com.

About Likido® Limited (“Likido®”)

Likido®, an international technology company developing advanced solutions for the harvesting and recycling of energy, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalrada Corporation. Using its novel heat pump systems (patent-pending), Likido® is revolutionizing the renewable energy sector with the provision of innovative modular process technologies to maximize the capture and reuse of thermal energy for integrated heating and cooling applications. With uses across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, Likido® seeks to provide cost savings and to minimize carbon emissions across supply chains. Likido’s novel technologies enable the effective recovery and recycling of process energy, mitigating climate change, and enhancing quality of life through the provision of low-carbon heating and cooling systems. For more information, please visit www.likido.net.

About Dalrada (DFCO)

With perseverance, valor, dedication, and vision, Dalrada Corporation is dedicated to tackling worldwide challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dalrada is a global company that operates under the tenet of creating impactful innovations that matter for the world. The Company works continually to produce disruptive solutions that bridge the gap of accessibility and accelerate positive change for current and future generations.

Established in 1982, the Company has since grown its footprint to include the business divisions: Dalrada Health, Dalrada Precision, and Dalrada Technologies. Each of Dalrada’s subsidiaries actively produces affordable and accessible world-class solutions to global problems. For more information, please visit www.dalrada.com.


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