Dalrada Corporation Expands Presence in Top Three Growth Industries: Clean Energy, Healthcare, Technology (IT)


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$DFCO #CleanEnergyDalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) would like to express its sincere appreciation for its investors, shareholders, staff and followers for their support throughout 2021. This calendar year marks a synchronous period in Dalrada’s history when its impactful innovations and solutions of all its subsidiaries expanded market presence into the top three largest growing industries: clean energy, healthcare, and technology.

All three industries are target markets from Dalrada’s original expansion plan that started in 2019. According to Fundera, these industries anticipate 115 – 121% job growth over ten years (2016-2026). Additional insights into Dalrada’s footprint include:

Technology – The global business software and services market size was valued by at USD 389.86 billion in 2020 (Grandview Research). It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3% from 2021 to 2028. The rapid increase in the volume of enterprise data and growing automation of business processes across several end-use industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation are expected to drive the demand for business software and services over the forecast period. Significant rise in deployment of enterprise software and services across IT infrastructure for enabling better strategic decision-making, reducing inventory cost, enhancing profitability, and enabling organizations to improve their market position is estimated to drive the market growth over the forecast period.

Implementation of enterprise applications which improve customer and stakeholder experiences, while tying into backend services in manufacturing, supply channels, delivery, and intelligence is the future of software development strategies. Businesses incorporating end-to-end technology infrastructures will pave the pathways to new innovations and accelerated product development capabilities.

Healthcare – Biotechnology, data management, and personalized health are primary growth factors of the healthcare industry, Fundera’s research reveals. Lack of personnel in the healthcare industry became glaringly evident since the pandemic hit. With North America accounting for the most significant portion of the global healthcare services market at 40% (2019), market analysts expect growth at a CAGR of 7%, reaching $9,725.4 billion in 2023.

Clean Energy – All eyes are on environmental sustainability with COP26 and global goals for achieving net-zero neutrality of carbon emissions by 2050. Allied Market Research estimates the value of the renewable “clean” energy market (hydroelectric power, wind power, bioenergy, solar energy, and geothermal energy) at $881.7 billion (2020). The renewable clean energy market is projected to reach $1,977.6 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2021 to 2030.

Engaging in these markets required Dalrada’s perseverance to overcome continual supply chain delays created by the pandemic that is now in its second year. Committed to providing safer alternative solutions to complex problems, Dalrada’s portfolio subsidiaries – Dalrada Technologies, Dalrada Health, and Dalrada Precision – achieved milestones in 2021 as each expanded into its respective market.


Digital Transformation – Since the pandemic began, consumers have sought innovative ways to connect with data, products, and services online. In both developed and developing countries, significant app growth is occurring. Software and apps are lifelines for connecting industries with individuals.

To quantify why digital transformation is celebrated by customers and demanded by businesses, consumer spending trends reported during COVID-19 now include:

  • 18-23% growth in 2021 ($1.09-$1.13 trillion) from online and non-store sales (excludes auto dealers, gas stations, and restaurants – National Retail Foundation).
  • 57% of consumers shop online at a higher volume now than before the world health crisis (Feedvisor’s 2021 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report).

Additional data include 47% of people shopping daily or weekly in a physical store during the last 12 months. Online shopping from a mobile phone or smartphone in 2021 is 41% currently, up from 39% in June and 33% in March.

The on-demand nature of online shopping has business executives placing immediate priority on implementing digital business transformation. Market analysts have determined that the rising demand for high-quality, customer-centric software products accelerated the digital transformation timeline by five years, causing added stress to business executives worldwide.

To aid businesses with bridging the technology gap between traditional models and online, Dalrada Technologies Prakat Solutions, Inc. (“Prakat) provides highly efficient, Agile Software Product Development, Engineering, and Test services. Prakat swiftly modernizes legacy business hardware, software programs, and downloadable apps. Its client testimonials span a Fortune 50-ranked financial services firm to regional restaurateur groups and local businesses.

In addition, Prakat’s software product development includes carbon emissions reduction tracking, supply chain-as-a-service, teleservices, and more to aid business continuity and expansion.

Workforce – Analyst data reveals that the employment rate at 4.6% (Oct. 2021) is slightly higher than the pre-pandemic 4.4% (Mar. 2020). Restoring the workforce amplifies consumer purchasing power. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumers purchases are on the rise:

  • $116.26 billion in the third quarter of 2021
  • $111.51 billion during the same period in 2020
  • $110.14 billion in 2019 Q3

The workforce has undergone forced change as a result of the pandemic and proof of health may be a requirement in some instances.

Facilitating workforce proof of health compliance data, Dalrada Health’s CLIA-certified laboratory provides on-site concierge services and holds national capability. This service is available to businesses, K-12 schools, universities, event venues, medical offices, hospitality groups, and more to facilitate the safe return of people to in-person environments. Tests include on-site rapid antigen (results in under 20 minutes) and on-site RT-PCR sample collection (results in 24 hours). With seamless online registration, results are compliantly reported via text message and email.

One of the largest requirements for workforce staff augmentation is within healthcare. Dalrada Health’s International Health Group (IHG) trains, certifies, and places the next generation of certified nurse assistants and medical assistants in careers. In its history, IHG has graduated nearly 8,000 students. This community-focused group provided support to one of the largest healthcare providers in its region at a critical time amid the pandemic, as part of its outreach initiatives. The school’s new location will be opening up in Q1 of 2022 to further ease the shortage and tension of much-needed healthcare workers. The IHG Education Foundation supports scholarships for students, removing the barriers to pursuing a career in healthcare.

Restoring Spaces & Peace of Mind – Amid COVID-19, chemicals’ toxic effects became common knowledge with alcohol-based hand sanitizers, sadly, due to avoidable accidents or intentional abuse. Dalrada Health’s GlanHealth™ Advanced Cleaning Sanitizers aid the restoration of industries, businesses, and residences with its safer, non-toxic, longer-lasting, environmentally responsible surface products.

Especially for children, GlanHealth™ advanced hand & body sanitizers are water-based, alcohol-free, safer formulations that provide up to 4-hours of personal protection per application. All GlanHealth™ products contain powerful quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC, organic salts, can be synthesized) that neutralize harmful germs on contact with 99.9% effectiveness, for up to 28-days (industrial-strength 90-days). GlanHealth™ is safe to use on all non-porous and porous surfaces, including washable materials, electronics, and leather. With floor-to-ceiling safer sanitizing coverage in minutes, GlanHealth™ provides persistent peace of mind.

The “dirty jobs” encountered at industrial manufacturing facilities require safer cleaning and degreasers. Dalrada Precision launched its eco-friendly Ignite Industrial Technologies brand of deep cleaning degreasers as an environmentally responsible alternative to toxic chemicals for industrial applications and tough jobs in the garage and home. Ignite products are ecologically responsible and do not require additional wastewater treatment. Ignite’s powerful results are time-saving and cost-saving; both improve operational efficiencies.

Personalized Healthcare & Wellness – One of the key growth factors in the healthcare services market is personalized wellness. Dalrada Health’s personalized wellness services include CLIA-certified laboratory with national capabilities and on-site testing concierge service and Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness‘ flagship location with medically-driven alternative therapies and traditional spa services.

One of Sòlas’ tailored wellness resources is Empower Genomics DNA tests for unique insights based on biological makeup. Genomics test results allow practitioners and patients to set individualized, trackable goals around pharmacogenomics (PGx), cannabis DNA, nutrition DNA, and fitness DNA for personalized health and wellness.

When considering the further expansion of its subsidiary brands, Dalrada will conduct due diligence with potential acquisitions. In the case of Advanced Homecare Online, Dalrada allowed its acquisition offer to expire due to unexpected deal and term requests by AHC post LOI.


Net-Zero & Clean Energy – “There’s an app for that” in developed countries. Yet, more than half of the people in the least developed countries lack access to electricity. How energy is created, sourced, used, tracked, and reported is a world environmental sustainability initiative with mandated reductions in carbon emissions by or before the year 2050. Solutions to shift from legacy dependence on fossil fuel sources to renewable and sustainable energy are in development – and Dalrada Precision’s Likido® Green Energy is making a difference with its proprietary technology.

Likido® Green Energy launched its highly efficient, small form factor heat energy recycling solutions as a practical path for industries, institutions, and businesses to transition from carbon-emitting fuels. Benefits of adopting Likido® water heaters (boilers), ultra-low temperature refrigeration (chillers), and independent power generators include up to 75% in energy savings and 93% reduction in carbon emissions.

In addition, Dalrada formed a Clean Energy Advisory Board with members from diverse professional backgrounds, including former U.S. cabinet members. The group’s purpose is creating a holistic approach to implementing net-zero technology with transparency and accountability. With widespread visibility to what has worked in the past and what stands to be improved, Dalrada’s Clean Energy Advisory Board collaborates with policymakers, industry & business leaders, environmental stewards, and community activists who shape the dialogue for efficiently advancing to carbon neutrality.

A World Without Cervical Cancer – Another virus, HPV (human papilloma), is on the mind of the World Health Organization (WHO) that declared “a world without cervical cancer.” Overall, cervical cancer holds the fourth highest mortality rate among women. The WHO identified VIA screening tests as the most applicable for developing countries with limited medical resources.

Before the world committed to eliminating cervical cancer by 2050, Dalrada Health was hard at work developing its standardized cerVIA™ kits for healthcare practitioners. Dalrada Health filed a patent on cerVIA™ and began its clinical screening trials in India. Trial results are featured in a peer-reviewed journal article. As part of Dalrada Health’s community outreach, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Payal Keswarpu, presented cerVIA™ clinical study results at the 17th World Congress for Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy before 42 participating countries.

cerVIA™ surpasses traditional cytology screening methods (based on time) and can be combined with other cervical cancer screening test types to validate those results at the time of the procedure. With instant screening test results, both patient and physician receive precious time to develop treatment plans. The second phase of cerVIA™ clinical trials in India is complete, with white paper submissions underway.

Digital Accessibility Compliance – More than 1 billion people live with a disability. Making it easier for uniquely abled individuals to access vital goods and services online requires digital business transformation, software products, and apps. In addition to IT and Systems Engineering services, Prakat supports Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) as a seven-time host and sponsor. Also, the Prakat Impact Program is dedicated to providing on-the-job training and career placement for individuals with disabilities who have an affinity for IT.


Leaving an indelible impression in all three top growth industries – especially during these unprecedented times – is a testament to the bold vision, trailblazing, and efficient implementation that is Dalrada.

The Company continues to attract industry powerhouses who compose Dalrada’s boards, executive leadership, and operational teams. All are proven leaders who hold diverse professional backgrounds and provide a balanced perspective for innovating positive, lasting change.

By their actions, they are known. Innovation companies are driven. Such is the case with Dalrada that forged ahead, raising the bar on its accomplishments in the calendar year 2021:

  • booking a 189% year-over-year revenue increase.
  • reporting a 506% quarter-to-quarter revenue increase (Sept 30th Q1 2020 to 2021).
  • increasing gross profit 546% (Sept 30th, 2021 Q1).
  • Reducing stockholder deficit 48%.

At Dalrada, innovation is more than a business classification; it is a movement.

Providing impactful solutions that benefit people and the planet while catalyzing long-lasting positive change is Dalrada’s mission.

As the world continues to contend with the pandemic, Dalrada is uniquely positioned to provide innovative support where it is needed most. Dalrada cares, and by its actions, it is known.

The Dalrada family wishes you and yours a wonderful holiday season. The Company looks forward to sharing additional achievements soon and throughout the New Year.

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