e-Tagging and Power Scheduling Workflows Have Been Reimagined with PCI e-Tag+

NORMAN, Okla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#energysoftware–PCI e-Tag+ is the first e-tagging solution to offer out-of-the-box implementation, unrestricted downstream data access, a modern user interface, and automated Straight-Through-Scheduling workflows.

If you create NERC e-Tags to record the transmission of power across various regions in North America, odds are the software you’re using to do it is dated. PCI (Power Costs, Inc.), the industry leading provider of software solutions for market participants and bilateral trading entities, has reimagined e-Tagging workflows by recently going live with its new e-Tag+ solution, designed from the ground up for today’s users who’ve been searching for a hyper-intuitive user interface and aren’t willing to sacrifice reliability, speed, and data access.

  • e-Tag+ can be quickly deployed “out of the box” from the cloud with minimal configuration to reduce costs.
  • e-Tag+ gives you the ability to manage complex power scheduling workflows with highly reliable and advanced automations.
  • As a stand-alone application, e-Tag+ integrates seamlessly with in-house or third-party systems via API endpoints, so it “plays nicely” with other solutions.
  • PCI guarantees unrestricted data access for reporting and downstream settlements use, so customers don’t have to pay again when they need to access their e-Tagging data for other purposes.

What users notice first about e-Tag+ is the intuitive, and highly configurable user interface. e-Tag+ screens and dashboards are paired with the workflows that each user requires and there’s even a dark mode option tailored for control room personnel.

Because it’s a PCI product, great care and attention have been taken to build in powerful, automated workflows that increase the speed and accuracy of trading and operations staff. Process views and alerts can be personalized, while screens update seamlessly, and mistakes are prevented with data entry validation.

Multiple organizations are already leveraging e-Tag+ for their unique tagging and scheduling requirements. “PCI’s e-Tag+ client go-lives represent a major shift for our customers on their path to sunsetting legacy applications and embracing far more modern solutions as part of their digitalization initiatives. Dozens of other utilities and energy trading companies are set to follow suit in the coming months,” said PCI Vice President Shailesh Mishra.

You can learn more about e-Tag+ during PCI’s upcoming webinar, “PCI Innovates e-Tagging Functionality & Automation with its e-Tag+ Solution,” which will take place at 1 p.m. CST on Feb. 24, 2022. Click here to register for the webinar.

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