Enersponse Expands Connected Portfolio in 2021

Leading Distributed Energy Resource Management Company Leverages Unique Intelligent Automation Platform to Drive Decarbonization and Sustainability Goals

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enersponse, an innovative distributed energy resource (DER) management provider working with power suppliers across the nation to support grid reliability and decarbonization, is pleased to share its impressive list of 2021 accomplishments towards its goal of making energy conservation accessible to all. Through the use of its intelligent automation platform, the company boasts major collective decarbonization and energy-saving efforts, including over five million pounds of CO2 avoided this year and 1.6 gigawatts of load under management across its nearly 10,000 connected customer locations.

The company began with a focus on California and rapidly expanded in 2021, now connecting to approximately 10,000 sites across all 50 states and Canada. Given its controls-agnostic approach to automation, Enersponse struck a number of noteworthy partnerships with the likes of Encycle, Phoenix Energy Technologies and NexRev, among many other leading control providers and integrators. The company also attracted customers like Ulta Beauty, Cinemark and several other household brand names and has connected with cities, water agencies and various other customer segments across the country.

Enersponse’s energy management system matches clients’ flexible loads with available power grid-level energy-saving programs and uses intelligent automation to subtly regulate energy use within their pre-set specifications. The company enables customers to reduce their energy costs with more than just traditional demand response—it also allows them to save more by avoiding peak electricity charges; respond to energy market prices in real-time; and access utility control rebates in support of sustainability goals. In addition to the millions of dollars that Enersponse pays and saves its customers through various energy programs, it secured over $6M in rebates from its Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) projects in 2021.

“We have had an exceptional year—from meeting and surpassing our 2021 decarbonization goals, to forming strategic partnerships with industry-leading building control companies to make the integration process seamless for our clients,” said James McPhail, chief executive officer and founder of Enersponse. “Sustainability is top-of-mind for everyone right now and we’re proud to be offering an intelligent automated solution that provides flexible, convenient and risk-free opportunities to control and reduce energy usage without the need for additional hardware or manual intervention.

Enersponse directly aggregates a customer’s flexible load in most major U.S. energy markets and partners with DER players like Voltus and Leap among others, to provide clients with expansive access to virtually every program available.

Enersponse’s key differentiator is its powerful intelligent automation technology which enables the company to break the traditional 100kW minimum reduction requirement in most markets. With no hardware required and no minimum size thresholds to meet, Enersponse is supporting a massive market of smaller sites that have been historically overlooked for typical grid service programs. The company’s advanced technology stack constantly monitors what is happening on the grid down to a micro-locational level—monitoring weather patterns, system outages and the rise of energy prices. With the flexibility and automation provided by Enersponse, sites that previously didn’t qualify due to facility size or the inability to sustain long hours of energy reduction, are now able to take advantage of fully automated and creative grid service programs.

“At Enersponse, we have built a stellar team that’s passionate about what we do and why we do it. There are so many things to be excited about when I look at everything our team has accomplished in 2021. That said, we are already shifting our focus towards continuing this momentum in the new year. We are very excited about some of the new innovative ways that we will be supporting grid sustainability and decarbonization going forward and are eager to share them in more detail over the coming months,” concluded McPhail.

About Enersponse: Enersponse is an energy resource management platform that works with power providers across the country to aggregate their distributed energy resource (DER) and rebate programs and with energy-using clients across the U.S. to maximize financial incentives by automating load reduction responses. This process helps providers maintain a stable grid and saves customers money, earns them passive income through rebates from their energy providers and helps them meet corporate social responsibility objectives. Enersponse’s intelligent automation-powered distributed energy resource platform is connected to hundreds of power generators across North America, all dispatchable to customers’ existing control systems. The company’s advanced technology keeps track of what’s happening down to a micro-locational level—even for large enterprises with facilities distributed across multiple power grid providers—monitoring weather patterns, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations and synching this data with pre-set client preferences to intelligently adjust in real-time without the need for human intervention. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conservation programs to maximize cost savings—ultimately paying customers and their controls companies to save energy. Enersponse received a Bronze Stevie Award in Energy Innovation of the Year in 2019, Company of the Year in Energy in the 2020 International Business Awards and most recently was awarded a Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in Energy in 2021. Learn more about Enersponse at www.enersponse.com or follow via social media at @Enersponse.


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