Eni announce important milestone in achieving magnetic confinement fusion

Eni reports that CFS (Commonwealth Fusion Systems) has successfully completed the test aiming to demonstrate the operation of the innovative magnet for plasma fusion confinement, for the first time made with HTS (High Temperature Superconductor) technology. CFS is a spin-out company of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, established in 2018, of which Eni is relevant shareholder.

Magnetic confinement fusion, a technology never tested or applied on an industrial scale before, is a safe, sustainable and inexhaustible energy source that reproduces the principles through which the Sun generates its own energy, ensuring an enormous quantity of it with zero emissions and representing a turning point in the path of decarbonization.

The technology under testing is key in the framework of magnetic fusion research, as it represents a fundamental step to create the conditions for controlled fusion, making possible its use in future demonstration plants. Studying, designing and building machines that can operate in physical reactions similar to those taking place at the core of the stars is the technological goal that the greatest minds in the world of energy research are striving for.

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