Fujitsu, AutoGrid to Boost Renewable Energy Use in Japan

Fujitsu Limited and AutoGrid Systems, Inc. today announced that Fujitsu will begin offering Autogrid’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) (1) solution in the Japanese market. Fujitsu will leverage the solution to maximize the use of distributed energy resources (2) in the domestic energy market and contribute to the expansion of renewable energy and the realization of a decarbonized society. Based on the agreement, Fujitsu will begin selling the VPP solution AutoGrid FlexTM in the Japanese market as an AutoGrid partner.

AutoGrid FlexTM enables the optimization of energy operations and the control and management of distributed energy resources. By providing this solution to energy providers and aggregators (3), Fujitsu will contribute to the realization of next-generation energy platform to maximize the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, and distributed energy resources, such as storage batteries. Going forward,


Fujitsu will expand its capabilities in the area of energy data utilization to achieve real-time, high-precision, optimized control of distributed energy resources, significantly enhancing the value of energy resources managed by energy providers and aggregators. AutoGrid aims to expand its business in Japan with its VPP technologies, providing Fujitsu with VPP solutions that enable the utilization of multi-functional, flexible, and distributed energy resources that are suitable for the Japanese market.

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