Tesco sets out its climate “manifesto”

Tesco Plc. has launched a new climate change “manifesto” ahead of this year’s crucial COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow on 1 – 12 November 2021. The UK retailer has identified five key areas of focus where it can make the most difference, including cutting absolute emissions from energy, supporting the UK’s transition to electric transport, tackling food waste, supporting the sustainable production of food, and helping customers eat healthy, sustainable diets.

Setting out Tesco’s priorities at The Grocer Conference, Tesco CEO, Ken Murphy stressed the need for both efficiency improvements and cutting-edge innovation if the retailer, and the wider food industry, is to meet its climate change targets. In 2017, Tesco committed to science-based climate targets on a 1.5-degree trajectory and aims to reach its net zero climate target in the UK by 2035, fifteen years earlier than originally planned.

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