Glenfiddich to fuel its IVECO Stralis trucks with distillery waste products

Glenfiddich, the world’s most-awarded single malt Scotch whisky, is set to decarbonise its transport operations, pioneering a circular economy approach with natural gas-powered IVECO Stralis trucks fuelled by distillery waste products.

William Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich, engineers have forged a new way to use the by-products of its distilling process, while minimising the carbon output of its operations. By loading waste matter from the renowned distillery into an anaerobic digester, the company can capture the biogas given off as it breaks down. This is subsequently cleaned and used as green, low-carbon, low-particulate fuel for its new gas delivery trucks.

Left-over solids can then be used to fertilise the barley fields of its farmer growing partners and enrich the soils through carbon sequestration, pulling CO2 away from the earth’s atmosphere and thus creating a circular economy. This aligns the initiative with William Grant & Sons’ core values: ‘Be sustainable. Be responsible and think long term’.

In partnering with IVECO, the trailblazing market leaders in sustainable natural powered transport, the two companies are pioneering methods of creating their own circular economy through the production of biomethane from its distilling operations, a first for the drinks industry.

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