Halliburton Company and Cimarex Energy Co. Sued for patent infringement

U.S. Well Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: USWS) announced it has filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas – Waco Division for patent infringement against Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) and Cimarex Energy Co. (NYSE: XEC). The original complaint alleges infringement of multiple U.S. Well Services patents.

The alleged infringements are related to U.S. Well Services patents covering “Systems for Pumping Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid using Electric Pumps”, “Electric Powered Pump Down”, “Systems for Centralized Monitoring and Control of Electric Powered Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet” as well as 4 other related patents. U.S. Well Services currently has a portfolio of 42 patents granted, 4 patents allowed, and 185 patents pending.

Joel Broussard, U.S. Well Services’ President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “The intellectual property covered by these and all of our patents are what separates us from others in the Hydraulic Fracturing market. The defense of our intellectual property is paramount, and we have and always will take whatever measures are necessary to protect it.”

U.S. Well Services, Inc. is being represented by Jay Yates of Patterson + Sheridan LLP in Houston, Texas.

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