Siemens Energy extends its digital power transmission portfolio

The energy transition is challenging the power grids: Wind and sun feed in renewable energy in a highly fluctuating manner, and the complexity and connectivity of our energy infrastructure continues to grow. At the same time, the importance of cybersecurity is increasing, because more and more components are digitally networked and thus potentially vulnerable.

This poses major challenges for grid operators. For the energy transition, the digitization of transmission infrastructure is playing a decisive role.

Siemens Energy is extending its switchgear and transformer portfolio to include new digital products such as the world’s first high-voltage system with integrated edge computing technology. With these innovative products, grid operators will be able to react faster to changes in the system, make the right decisions, and increase the transparency, productivity, and reliability of their plants.

The seamless integration of the systems into the existing customer network is local, secure and simple. This also ensures a highly cyber-secure system.

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