Halliburton Delivers Grid-Powered Fracturing Operation

Halliburton Company announced it has successfully deployed the industry’s first electric grid-powered fracturing operation. The job,being performed on several pads for Cimarex Energy Co. (NYSE: XEC) in the Permian basin,started in November. To date, Halliburton has completed almost 340 stages across multiple wells using utility-powered electric frac pumps that demonstrated consistent superior performance.

Grid-powered electric fracturing offers an alternative path to achieving the lowest emissions profile possible compared to both turbines and Tier 4 dual fuel engines. Grid-powered electric fracturing also offers additional operational reliability and requires a lower capital outlay compared to turbines. Delivering a grid-powered fracturing solution is an example of Halliburton’s commitment to leading in the energy transition by helping customers achieve lower emissions.

Halliburton’s electric-powered equipment is engineered to utilize the maximum power potential from the grid, allowing the customer to achieve pumping performance of 30 to 40 percent higher than with conventional equipment.

“Electric fracturing aligns with our goal to provide the industry with lower-carbon intensive solutions and our commitment to a sustainable energy future,” said Michael Segura, vice president of Production Enhancement for Halliburton. “With Halliburton’s leading electric fracturing capabilities, coupled with an innovative operator like Cimarex, grid power can offer one of the most effective and capital efficient solutions for electric fracturing.”

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