IDE Water Technologies to Design Largest SWRO Desalination Plant in Brazil

IDE will bring sustainable water solution to Brazil’s drought-stricken city of Fortaleza

KADIMA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IDE Technologies, a world leader in desalination and water treatment solutions, today announced that it will design, engineer and supply a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in northern Brazil, bringing a new, sustainable water solution to the region. Secured through the Water and Sewage Company of the State of Ceará, and in partnership with Marquise Infrastructure, the leader company of the Águas de Fortaleza Consortium, the Fortaleza Desalination Plant will be the newest IDE-engineered desalination plant and the largest desalination plant in Brazil. The plant will serve the city of Fortaleza, capital of Ceará.

The Fortaleza Desalination Plant will have a nominal production capacity of 86,400 m3 of potable water per day, (1,000 liters per second), bringing high-quality water to the municipality of the city of Fortaleza. The project is a permanent, secure and sustainable fresh water source for this semi-arid region and its increasing population of more than 720,000 people. IDE will supply equipment for the plant in accordance with Brazil’s stringent environmental requirements and regulations. The project supports the government’s objective to increase the supply of potable water in the region by 12 percent.

“As a world leader in water technology, with extensive expertise in desalination technology, IDE is proud to bring our industry-leading solution to Brazil, and specifically to Fortaleza where the population is in need of a sustainable, reliable water source,” said Lihy Teuerstein, CEO, IDE Assets. “We are confident this new desalination plant will successfully suit and exceed the needs and goals of Fortaleza.”

“We are excited about the progress of this massive project and look forward to the benefits this desalination technology with bring to the region and people of Fortaleza,” said Renan Carvalho, Director of SPE, Marquise Infrastructure.

The Fortaleza Desalination Plant in Brazil will join the ranks of many notable IDE-engineered plants across the globe, including those in the U.S., Israel, Chile, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

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