IEA’s Clean Energy Transitions Indicators online hub

The IEA informs all data users of the release of several statistical publications on historical trends of energy use and associated GHG emissions, the foundation to track energy transitions, at country level and globally.

The IEA CO2 emissions from fuel combustion database has been upgraded to Greenhouse gas emissions from Energy to reflect a substantial content expansion. The database now covers the broad set of energy related greenhouse gases, including the newly added fugitive emissions and non-CO2 emissions fuel combustion estimates. As a reference point, World CO2 emissions from fuel combustion in 2019 added up to 33.7 Gt CO2 while the now available World 2019 total GHG emissions from energy totalled 37.6 Gt CO2eq. This two figures and many more emissions related indicators can be accessed free of charge in our Highlights publication.

Similarly, the second edition of the IEA Energy and Carbon Tracker was released this week. The Tracker is an interactive tool that showcases a wide set of indicators providing valuable insight for tracking progress to clean energy transitions. The product coverage was similarly increased, covering the broad set of energy-related greenhouse gases.

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