LONGi and KENO in JV to leverage competitiveness in Polish PV market

LONGi and KENO enters partnership to bring 300MW high-efficiency solar modules for customers in Poland

LONGi, one of the world leading PV manufacturers, and KENO, one of the largest distributors located in Gliwice, Poland , recently signed an agreement to ensure supplies at the level of 300MW in the coming year. This is the next step in developing long-term relationships and increasing cooperation between the manufacturer and the distributor.

The cooperation between LONGi Solar and KENO has been developing since the beginning of 2019. Thanks to the great commitment and active cooperation of both companies, LONGi photovoltaic modules are currently increasing their position on the Polish PV market. Thus, it is worth noting that according to The Institute for Renewable Energy KENO won the first place among the surveyed companies for the total power of modules sold, winning over half of local market share.

Everything indicates that at the beginning of 2021, the government in Poland will once again launch a subsidy program for photovoltaic systems under the name “My Electricity” and other funds supporting the development of PV. LONGi and KENO realize that the result of these actions will be an increased demand of prosumers for high-quality modules, which is why it’ll be so important to ensure high warehouse stock in 2021.

As KENO has the largest market share in Poland, LONGi and KENO will leverage their market competitiveness in the sector of solar power to offer competitive solutions to our customers in a way that helps promote the large-scale application of clean energy (or solar power) in Poland.

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