Menlo is now an authorised FoxESS partner

Menlo Electric has joined the group of official partners of FoxESS Polska. The decision is justified by the manufacturer’s very dynamic entry onto the photovoltaic market. FoxESS is currently the most popular inverter brand in Poland. Since the beginning of its presence on the market, FoxESS has secured a strong position, becoming one of the key suppliers of inverters in the country.

“Working with Menlo Electric is our natural choice because of their focus on the best and most dynamic photovoltaic companies in Poland. Both FoxESS and Menlo Electric are driven by the same values – quality workmanship, good service and ongoing contact with installers and customers. Thanks to our professional approach to customer service and extensive sales network, Menlo Electric is gaining more and more satisfied customers, achieving significant sales growth every month” – says Tomasz Walczyk, Poland Country Manager of FoxESS.

FoxESS offers customers additional benefits, such as the creation of the first loyalty programme for photovoltaic installers in Poland, FOX TEAM.

“By launching the FOX TEAM loyalty programme for photovoltaic installers, we want to recognise and reward the best PV installers in the market for their choice of quality FoxESS inverters and solid work. By creating an elite group of Professional Installers, we support the best ones, with whom we will exchange experiences at the annual closed FOX TEAM meetings” – emphasises Tomasz Walczyk.

FOX TEAM gives us a guarantee that installers who introduce FoxESS inverters to their range will stay with them for longer. As standard, FoxESS offers the longest 12-year warranty on the market, and as part of the loyalty programme there is an opportunity to extend this period, which is a novelty on the photovoltaic market” – adds Marcin Ślęzak, Commercial Director of Menlo Electric.

Since January 2021, FoxESS has been supplying the Polish market with modern inverters, ready to be expanded with energy storage, which, in connection with the planned changes in the system of discounts, has led to increased interest in solutions supplied by the manufacturer.

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