Mercedes-Benz commercial historical vehicles and archive transfered to Wörth, Germany.

Due to the split of Daimler into two independent companies on 1 December, Daimler Truck transferred the first batch of historical Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and parts of its truck and bus archive to the location in Wörth at the end of November. For this purpose a convoy of low-loaders and historical trucks and buses travelled from the Stuttgart area to the Application Information Centre (BIC) of the Mercedes-Benz truck plant in Wörth am Rhein.

The historical trucks included a Mercedes-Benz LP 333 from 1960 (known as a “millipede” due to its two steerable front axles) and a Mercedes-Benz LP 608 which was the first truck produced at the recently opened Wörth plant in 1965. In future, Daimler Truck will mainly house its collection of historical exhibits near its truck and bus locations. Additional archival material and exhibits will be relocated in the weeks ahead.

Daimler Truck’s collection encompasses around 130 vehicles, of which about 30 were previously located in Stuttgart and the surrounding area.

This collection also includes powertrains, parts and accessories from the company’s 125-year truck history. The archives of Daimler Truck were previously distributed on more than 160 square metres of storage space. The documents filled more than 2,000 metres of shelves on several levels. The archival material includes 2,600 rolls of film and 600 magnetic tapes that contain over 1,000 hours of historical moving images.

Split of Daimler into two independent companies: Daimler Truck transfers historical Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and archive to Wörth
Credit: Daimler AG

Until now, the classic vehicles and the archive of Daimler AG have been centrally managed in Stuttgart. After the corporate split, the Group analogue archive for overarching, company-wide topics prior to the separation will remain in Stuttgart along with the archive for cars and vans. The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim will continue to be the main publicly accessible location for the shared company history including trucks and buses.

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