New ​100% Ëlectric Citroën AMI

Citroën announced that AMI is coming to the UK.
The zero-emissions AMI will officially launch here in the spring of 2022.
As a 100% electric vehicle, the AMI emits zero emissions and has a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours from a standard electric socket. ​With a range of 43 miles and a top speed of 28mph, the AMI is a modern solution for modern mobility needs, like nipping around cities or popping to your local supermarket with zero fuss. AMI is the mobility solution for today, and tomorrow. ​

Taking inspiration from 2CV and AMI ONE CONCEPT, AMI is the breakthrough response of an innovative Brand that is truly inspired by its customers. A Brand attuned to new consumer needs, the challenges of urban travel and increased awareness of the environment.

AMI has various purchasing and rental option available: from car sharing via Free2Move to long-term rental or outright purchase.

Credit: Citroën

Price: circa £6,000 (car share and rental options also likely)

Vehicle type: ‘light quadricycle’ (requires full UK driving licence)

Seats: 2

Length: 2,410mm 

Width: 1,390mm (excluding mirrors)

Height: 1,520mm

Wheels: 14-inch

Top speed: 28mph

Range: up to 46 miles

Weight with battery: 485kg

Turning circle: 7.2 metres

Power: electric motor

Battery: 5.5kW

Emissions: Zero

Side windows: tilt upwards (in nod to 2CV)

Charging time: 3 hours (from standard domestic socket)

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