Opel Unveils New Corsa

The new Opel Corsa is coming – and it’s coming this year still. Even bolder, even more emotional, even more intuitive to operate and with completely new electric and hybrid drives, the newcomer will take Opel’s traditional strong offer in the small car segment to the next level.

The new Corsa delights with its new design including the characteristic Opel Vizor brand face at the front and the Opel lettering placed confidently in the middle of the rear. State-of-the-art technologies make driving more relaxed. As an option, the new Corsa offers a fully digital cockpit based on Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies1 with new, intuitive infotainment and an up to 10-inch colour touchscreen. The glare-free Intelli-Lux LED® matrix light, which the Corsa brought to the small car segment in 2019, is also even better and more precise – now with 14 LED elements. And the latest interpretation of the small car bestseller boasts high-tech under the bonnet, too. The Corsa Electric now also comes with more power and an improved battery enabling a range of up to 402 kilometres according to WLTP2. The other drives are also a real novelty. The Corsa is the first Opel model that will be available as a hybrid with a 48-volt system. The new Corsa thus offers customers a choice of drives, from purely battery-electric to hybrid to highly efficient combustion engines, which is unrivalled in this segment.

Opel will become a fully electric brand in Europe by 2028, 12 models are already electrified today – and the Corsa was the pioneer in the democratization of battery-electric drives in the Opel portfolio. It is therefore not surprising that the Corsa-e won the “Golden Steering Wheel” in 20203. Fully electric driving in the Corsa means: Locally emission-free travel without compromises – both when completing everyday tasks and when driving for pleasure. The new Corsa Electric now takes this to the next level: with a wider choice, more power, an improved battery and more range.

The Corsa Electric will come with two electric drive options: The small car bestseller will be offered with 100 kW/136 hp and a further improved range of up to 357 kilometres2, as well as with 115 kW/156 hp and up to 402 kilometres range according to WLTP2. So the Corsa Electric is not only highly efficient – with its battery electric power and 260 Newton meters of torque on tap, it also ensures pure driving pleasure in any case. And when the Corsa Electric needs to be recharged, it can be done quickly. At a fast charger, the battery reaches up to 80 percent of its total capacity in just 30 minutes (20-80 percent)4.

The newcomers to the drive range also offer driving fun with responsibility: For the first time, Opel will offer customers the option of switching to hybrids with a 48-volt system. The 74 kW/100 hp and 100 kW/136 hp engines come with a new dual-clutch automatic transmission. In the future, they will complement the wide range of economical drive variants from highly efficient combustion engines to the all-electric Corsa Electric, thus consistently continuing the electrification of the brand.

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