Product Depot Inc. Launches the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp

The innovative and easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool makes well maintenance simpler and faster

RENO, Nev.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GWWeek21Product Depot Inc., a company that develops innovative products for home improvement, job site, and consumer use, today announced the launch of the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp. The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is a user-friendly cord management and fastener tool that enables professionals in the well industry to quickly and efficiently secure wires along the drop pipe.

For well industry professionals, securing wires to drop pipes is a routine part of well installation and maintenance. However, the traditional tools for attaching the wires, such as electrical tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products, make the process time-consuming and do not hold securely. Insecure attachment can cause pump wiring breakage and damage, increasing both costs and the need for more frequent maintenance.

To solve this problem, John Bardo, a veteran inventor of time-saving construction and home improvement tools, created the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp. In collaboration with well industry experts, Bardo specially designed the tool to hold wires of varying sizes when attached to the drop pipe. Thanks to its easy-to-use, dual-locking mechanism, the clamp can be installed securely along the length of the drop pipe four times more quickly than tape. Made from food-safe plastic, the clamp can be safely used in drinking water.

“Based on the many years I spent in the hardwood flooring industry, I understand the critical importance of having the best tools for the job,” said John Bardo, co-founder of Product Depot Inc. and inventor of the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp. “With this tool, I’m proud to be able to help make well maintenance faster, safer, and more efficient.”

“I have been in the pump industry for 35 years and have installed and serviced hundreds of well pumps every year and have thought for some time there has to be a better way to secure the wire to the pipe,” said Rick Spann, owner of Service Pump Co. in Auburn, CA. “I believe this clamp by Product Depot Inc. will change the way we secure our submersible wire cable to our drop pipe in the domestic well pump industry.”

The Sub-Tite Cable Clamp is now available for pre-order on the Product Depot website. In the coming months, Product Depot plans to launch additional innovative, time-saving products.

To learn more about the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp and see it in action, visit the Product Depot booth (booth #336) at the Groundwater Week conference in Nashville, TN, from December 14-16.

About Product Depot

Product Depot Inc. develops innovative home improvement products, tools for job sites, and consumer products that save customers time and money. Its debut product, the Sub-Tite Cable Clamp, is an easy-to-use cord management and fastener tool that enables professionals in the well industry to quickly and efficiently secure wires along the drop pipe. To learn more, visit or follow @productdepotinc.


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