Revolutionary Pozyx Simulator Engine Promises Dramatic Reduction in Implementation Time

Simulator Engine delivers performance assessment of RTLS scenarios and Triggers in dynamic operational environments

GHENT, Belgium–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pozyx, a leading provider of indoor RTLS (real-time location system) based on UWB (ultra-wideband) technology, today announced the release of its new tool to simulate the behavior of assets in RTLS scenarios and to test and validate Trigger zones, use cases and integrations. The Simulator Engine takes a totally new approach to the creation of new RTLS solutions and allows prototyping and testing without the tedious task of manually collecting data on the floor.

The Pozyx Trigger feature captures the business logic of RTLS use cases and translates xyz data streams into actionable events. During the implementation phase of RTLS projects, the use cases need to be tested and validated with actual location data generated by tagged assets. This is a time-consuming manual exercise that often interferes with operations on the production floor. The Simulator Engine, created for integration partners as well as end-customers, generates moving asset data and is fully configurable to match any scenario. This data can be used to prototype, to test data integration, to test the full consumption of Triggers and to validate Trigger sequences. The time saving is enormous, especially since the simulation tests can already start before the implementation phase is finalized. The high-fidelity simulation results also allow system load testing and complete the test suite of integration tools.

Samuel Van de Velde, Founder & CEO of Pozyx, stated “Our Simulator is key to test RTLS projects before go-live, all along the design and implementation process. Currently, the only viable test approach is to use real-life tagged assets and record their movements on the floor. When this step can be simulated before the implementation is finalized, the creation of use cases with geo-fences and trajectories can already be completed to expedite the launch of the project. In short, our Simulator Engine is key to make informed engineering and business decisions, all along the implementation process.”

By offering a virtual alternative to physical asset data collection, Pozyx greatly increases engineering efficiency, lowers test and development costs, and brings an agile approach to prototyping and testing RTLS use cases.

The Pozyx Simulator Engine offers two options, both with a highly intuitive user interface:

Random Walk generates random location data streams for a selected number of tagged assets on a pre-defined zone on the floor plan. Update rate, positioning noise and velocity can be adjusted to find the perfect parameters for every simulated use case.

Trajectories is the tool where expected asset movement paths can be drawn on a floor plan to simulate the data generated by several assets, in combination with digitally geo-fenced areas, Trigger scripts and movement streams. The variables are again update rate, positioning noise and velocity, but also wait time and movement direction can be added to complete more complex sequences. By tweaking the parameters to reflect the expected movements on the floor, a supremely realistic simulation data stream can be generated.

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Pozyx delivers the most flexible real-time location systems (RTLS) for indoor tracking based on UWB (ultra-wideband) technology to position people and assets with unprecedented accuracy.

Since 2015, Pozyx has built a strong product portfolio with a focus on innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing companies. Cutting-edge hardware and firmware are combined with algorithms and analytics software to translate the stream of real-time locations into smart data and value creating insights. The Pozyx offering covers the most demanding industry requirements for reliability, stability, robustness, and scalability. Its ultra-accurate positioning technology (up to 10 cm precise) provides a competitive advantage to Pozyx’s customers and partners in Industry 4.0 and IoT.

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